Chaos & Bliss / Caos y Éxtasis

Chaos and Bliss/ Caos y Éxtasis is a collection of poems and verse that lets us recognize the magnitude and value of the ups and downs we experience as human beings. In Chaos and Bliss, one begins to perceive the beauty, mystery, and miracle of our existence. The scenery for the canvas of this book comes primarily from the pristine panoramas of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa National Monument in Southern California, where the author used to live. The themes emanate from the author’s appreciation and scientific intuition into the armaments available to us to confront the madness that interferes with our happiness, healing, and empowerment ⁓ Yoga, Meditation, and Loving Kindness ⁓ practices that have been honed by millennia of pragmatic verification. Those who avail themselves of the depth and meaning of Bliss and Chaos will embark on a galleon to sail fearlessly on turbulent seas. The book is for those turbidly overwhelmed by dissonant desolation and joyful memories of days gone by.

Anguish & Joy / Amargura y Deleite

Anguish & Joy / Amargura y Deleite takes you on an inspirational and mindful journey on every page. Food for thought is a bilingual collection of profound poetry and insight. The author accomplishes to guide you through a story of the human condition with a wonderful artistic flare. Well done Jaime Rafael, another successful contribution to the Arts and literature. I highly recommend it!

⁓ Evelyn Artaud

Mindfulness for the Common Man clearly shows the authors belief in motivating us to mindfully and unerringly begin to discern, unravel, and understand the archetypes that we mortals directly or indirectly yearn to achieve. Something that we must do to recognize that the human tribe descends from the same maternal womb.

Our human experience is without meaning or unworthy of analysis until we mindfully recognize what it means to be happy, until we question why we habitually inflict unhappiness on each other, where the seedbed of loathing and odium resides. As you will find in this book, it is now well-known that mindfulness can help you reap a cauldron of benefits, not to mention reach higher brain functioning, as well as help with the management of emotional trauma, abuse, and addictive behavior, specialties of Dr. Jaime Carlo-Casellas.

⁓ Jeffrey Schlund

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


Mindfulness for the Common Man

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In addtion to these books, Dr. Carlo-Casellas has published over 45 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, in LA Yoga Ayurveda and Health magazine, Healthy Times Newspaper, Health and Fitness, and Desert Health News.